Bokningsvillkor camping

Allmänna villkor för uthyrning av stuga, rum och campingtomt vid Gränna Camping, Rättviks Camping, Siljansbadets Camping, Mora Parken Camping, Orsa Camping, Duse Udde Camping, Sunne Camping och Ansia Resort.

Who is Responsible?

Responsible intermediary/lessor is Svenska Campingpärlor AB, Box 133, 794 22 Orsa, org. No. 556528-3628.
As a landlord, we are obliged to ensure that:
• You will receive written confirmation of your booking.
• You receive documents and information about where the key can be retrieved and information on how payment should be made.
• The rental object matches the description.
• You are informed of any significant changes that affect your booking.
• You can use the cottage/room from noon. 15.00 agreed arrival day to at 11.00 day of departure unless otherwise confirmed.
• You can dispose of the camping site from noon. 3 pm on the day of arrival until 6 pm 12:00 the day of departure, unless otherwise confirmed. At Orsa Camping, Siljansbadets and Rättviks Camping, check-in is from 08:00. 12:00.
• If you are not satisfied with the cottage/room/ camping site then we will contact you.

When will my booking become binding?

Once you have paid your registration fee (or the entire rent) you have approved your booking and it is binding.

When should I pay?

If you booked earlier than 40 days before arrival, the registration fee is SEK 500 plus any cancellation insurance. The rest of the rent must be paid no later than 40 days before the agreed arrival date. If you book later than 40 days before the arrival date, the entire rent must be paid immediately.

What if I don't pay in time?

If you do not pay on time, this is considered a cancellation, whereby the rules on cancellation apply. Please note that no cancellation confirmation is sent out.

Cancellation without cancellation insurance

• If you cancel when it is more than 40 days before arrival, paid rental amount less a handling fee of SEK 500 will be refunded
• If you cancel later than 40 days before arrival, no amount will be refunded
• No money refunded if you choose to cancel your stay earlier than planned

Cancellation with cancellation insurance.

To protect yourself if something happens unplanned, you can purchase cancellation insurance. It costs SEK 100 / camping site and SEK 250 / cottage. arrival. Swedish Camping Beads then keep the fee for the cancellation insurance and a handling fee of SEK 250. The cancellation insurance applies if there is any serious event outside your control, which you could not foresee when you booked and which means that it is not reasonable to request that you stick to your booking, eg. illness or any other serious event that affected you, your family or fellow travelers. You must be able to prove your impediment with certificates from eg. doctor, authority or insurance company.

What rights do I have?

If we do not provide the cottage/room/camping site in the promised condition or at the right time and unable to offer you another equivalent cottage/room/camping site then you have the right to cancel the agreement. We then have to pay back everything you paid us, with a deduction for the benefit you may have had from the cottage/room/camping site. Instead of canceling the contract, you can request that the rent be reduced. If you have a complaint you should present them to us as soon as possible, no later than noon. 11:00 day after arrival. You should report any errors that occur during your stay so that we get a chance to correct it. You have the right to put someone else in your place and we must accept that person if we do not have special reasons to refuse. If so, you must notify us before the date of entry and we will then issue a re-booking fee of SEK 200.

What do I have for obligations?

Check your booking confirmation so that it is correct to avoid any misunderstandings. When you pay your booking we expect it to be correct. To book/enter into an agreement with us, you must be 18 years of age. When booking a group, at least two persons must be at least 18, if no higher age limit is specified in connection with the booking.
You should take good care of the cottage/room and follow the rules, instructions, and regulations that apply. Between 9 am 23.00 and at 07.00 the tenant shall observe the greatest consideration and silence towards the other guests. You are responsible for all damages that occur on the property and its fixtures because you or someone in your company has been careless. You are obliged to abide by the regulations regarding smoke and pet ban for your cottage/room which are stated on your confirmation, violation of smoke or pet ban imposes a clean-up cost of at least SEK 3,000. You must not use the cottage/room/camping site for anything other than what was agreed upon at the booking and you must not let more people stay overnight in the cottage/room/camping site that you stated at the time of booking. You must clean the cottage/room before departure according to the cleaning instructions. If you miss this we will do the cleaning at your expense. Final cleaning can be ordered. You must return all keys to your cottage/room/campsite on departure. If you forget, we need to change locks at your expense. You may not rent/lend your cottage/room/campsite in the second place.

The agreement expires with immediate effect if:

• You or someone in your party is disturbing in the cottage/room/area
• You or someone in your company commits damage to the cottage/room/area
• The cottage/room is used for non-intended purposes
• You or someone in your company violates the rules of the campsite

If the agreement expires due to The above-mentioned case you and your party must immediately move from the cottage/room/area and you do not have the right to recover any part of the rent amount.

What if we do not agree?

Please contact us directly with any complaints. Keep in mind that your chances of getting a correction can be reduced if you have time to complain. If we do not agree, you can turn to the General Complaints Board.

War, natural disasters and strikes, etc.:

The parties have the right to withdraw from the agreement if the cottage/room/ camping site cannot be provided because of war acts, natural disasters, labor market conflicts, longer interruptions in water or energy supply, fire or other similar major events, which neither you nor we could foresee or influence. If so, we are obliged to pay back as soon as possible what you have paid, less the benefit you have had from the cottage/room/camping site.


We always do our best to provide the guest's wishes but on certain occasions, we have to redistribute cottage/room/camping site. Such changes do not entail any right for the guest to wholly or partially fail to pay agreed fees. The accommodation price does not include cleaning, bed linen, towels, cot/high chair unless otherwise stated on the confirmation.

Personal Data

Svenska Campingpärlor is responsible for the processing of the personal data you register. Swedish Camping Beads will process your personal data in order to administer booking and payment. The personal data is also processed for marketing purposes by Svenska Campingpärlar. This applies to Svenska Campingpärlors own products and services and to other products and services on behalf of companies and organizations with which Svenska Campingpärlor cooperates.
You have the right, once a year, at no charge, to request in writing to know what information has been registered, from where the information has been downloaded and to receive information about any recipients to whom the information has been submitted. You may at any time request a correction of any altered or incorrect information. You can also report that you oppose the use of personal data for marketing purposes.


Please note that exceptions may apply to the booking conditions on the various campsites during certain events and periods. Information about these deviations are attached to the booking confirmation and can be viewed on the respective plant's website. Booking conditions at Svenska Campingpärlor AB's campsites.

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