Welcome to us on a fun bowling reverse!

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Opening hours:                       

Monday 15-21                                            Bowling opens at 12:00 throughout the week 1
Tuesday 11-21
Wednesday 15-21 
Thursday 15-21
Friday 15-22
Saturday 12-22
Sunday 12-18 

Challenge family, relatives, friends or nearest caravan neighbor in an  hour of bowling. Funny employment for the whole family. Book paths  at 0250-276 00, choose # 3 to get Directly to the bowling,

Price: 200 SEK / lane and hour.

Country Battle of Moraparken Bowling
Sunday, December 20 pm. 12:00 to 16:00
Come and throw a strike in our popular contest Plot battle. All the bowlers with Santa hat Participate in the raffle of great prizes! Application by 18/12. For information and registration call 0250-276 40th

Party Bowling
every Friday and Saturday from 19:00 to 22:00 we go party bowling hall with cool light effects and lovely atmosphere.

Children's party in Bowling
We can sacrifice a kids who put children and their experience in focus. With us it's always a host of Ensuring That All are well. In our party included the Following: party host who is with the whole party, one hour of bowling, picture of the birthday child on the screens in the bowling game, gift for birthday child pannkaksbuffé or hamburger buffet, birthday child choose!

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