Inspiring meeting or speedy kick off?

Give us the conditions and let us be responsible for the whole. Here in the heart of Dalarna next Siljan and the blue mountains sounds we like ancient traditions color the entire arrangement.

Mora Parken's scenic genuine location on the Baltic Dalälven gives us unlimited opportunities for new experiences or the same welding activities. With Mora Parken as conference organizer, you may have a personal contact who through their personal commitment ensures that the conference is a positive memory.

Mora Park's conference center catering to both the management team and the larger Congress meeting needs. Our 9 rooms are of varying size, the largest of which has capacity for up to 450 persons. All are equipped with high conference standards, from pen and paper to computer projector and wireless networks.

All rooms are spacious and flexible with windows for good natural light. Mora park's welcoming foyer with accompanying conference service, ensures that your conference will be a positive memory.

In our homely airy environment is plenty of room for creative small group meetings, but Mora park plant can quickly change guise to welcoming exhibition hall.

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